Storms and Statistics

Today is the first day of Spring…but someone needs to tell the weather gods that as Storm Emma approaches from the South to devour what is left of our resolve having already faced the Beast of the East.

As a cyclist with ambitions to ride almost come what may, I have succumbed to the misery that is ‘indoors’. My chain spins silently and cleanly as it tranverses onto the gears that I direct with a sublime touch of the levers, my tyres are pumped to optimum pressure for the wet roads and ache to feel the tarmac under their carcass, my all-weather gear lays sprawled across the bed like a lover waiting for their embrace.

But I hesitate, amber and red warnings flash across screens like demons teasing us to come on and have a go if you think you are hard enough.

Am I ?, should I ? can that wonderful feeling of freedom wait…just a one or two days longer.

There are many types of statistics, the ones you get from Strava for riding that hill or segment just a little harder than before, and the type where they put a little plastic band around your wrist (or toe) if you become the statistic.

So I’ll wave the Beast and Emma through, there’s always the weekend !

Safe Riding !!