Fickle Weather ?

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When is weather fickle ? or should the question be, are we really prepared, mentally and physically, for what mother nature has to throw at us, sometimes several shades of “climate” in one ride. I have previously talked about the need for correct preparation of your bike and use of layers to keep you warm […]

Speed needs Technique

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A recurring theme that I hear from clients, friends and other cyclists is an obsession about what speed they should be going and how they can get faster.    Now don’t get me wrong,if you are wishing to be a competitive cyclist, or ride with a club then sure I get it, you need to […]

The Journey to a Better You

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If you are reading this then I am hopefully making the assumption correctly that you have some degree of interest in improving your fitness, perhaps shed a few pounds in weight,  would like a little more wellbeing in your life…and that you have at least some curiosity towards cycling (or cyclists). If you have yet […]

I hear it is warming up ?

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Apparently it has been a little on the warm side in the UK the last few days, some might say even “it ain’t half hot!”. If you are sitting there wondering what it might be like to cycle in this weather, perhaps this might be your first summer of cycling, or you’ve been unfortunate never […]

Beach and Cake

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Not your average combination in the UK, but here on the Costa Blanca both are synonymous with a good day’s cycling.  This unlikely combo is what today was all about.  Having researched the hills, country byways (caminos), national parks and lakes of this region, a cycling break would not be complete without a gentle amble […]

Blue Flamingoes !

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Well after yesterday’s 50 mile ride with just one hill, (okay it was 25km long and took us up to 493 meters), it was time to go searching for the elusive blue birds which supposedly occupy the marshes just down the road. Now we know there are pink flamingoes, there are pictures of them everywhere, […]

Gently Does it

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The villa is set on the outskirts of a small town, Dolores, surrounded by fields; we are in the heartland of orange groves and lemon orchards. It’s clean, quiet and tastefully decorated with a view to calmness and tranquility.  The only sounds to break the silent are of cicadas and the screeches of diving swallows. […]