Saturday is alright for chilling

Today is Saturday, a day off the bike.  A pattern or theme has emerged this week having ridden across fields and more fields of oranges and lemons that drip from the trees.   It is possible to reach out and grab one as you ride by, but out of respect for the farmer, so far I have resisted temptation.

Yesterday’s 40 mile ride was confined to the local caminos, these are the single track byways that criss-cross the land in a similar fashion to the irrigation ducts that keep the fruits rich and the land fervent and green.   Above us swallows soar silently while Martins swoop and climb seemingly out of sheer joy.

Last night we walked the short distance into Dolores, ostensibly for provisions, but got caught up in the town’s “Friday night is party night” festivities; a few cerzevas and a bottle of Ribera De Duero were consumed to wash down the excellent tapas and entrecôte. I don’t think this part of Spain has heard of inflation since it adopted the Euros, so we came back wondering how we had spent so little on such delicious fare.

Tomorrow we plan a 50 mile ride, either to the hills or down to the world heritage salt lakes, one blue and one pink.   We expect to see pink flamingoes, egrets and other waterfowl in one, not sure if we will see blue flamingoes in the other ?.  If we choose hills, I will perhaps have another story to tell of vistas and valleys to excite the soul and pump the blood to every vein.

As it is the weekend, we may treat the lemons that hang in the villa’s garden to a small glass of gin and tonic.  It would be rude not to.

Cyclismo Segura !