Beach and Cake

Not your average combination in the UK, but here on the Costa Blanca both are synonymous with a good day’s cycling.  This unlikely combo is what today was all about.  Having researched the hills, country byways (caminos), national parks and lakes of this region, a cycling break would not be complete without a gentle amble to the beach. Perhaps the perfect antidote to a longer day. With promises of rich and creamy gateaux, apple tarts, sticky toffee delights and strawberry or lemon cheese-cake our route and destiny to dine was set.

We started at 4 meters above sea level in Dolores, with our repose being at La Marina…unsurprisingly at sea level. The ride was pan flat passing through La Fondo nature reserve, home to tall windrushes, bulls, deer and assorted wading birds. After 10 miles we were dismounting at the restaurant (La Candela) situated by itself, away from the bustle, directly on the beach.



We were joined by a charming French couple on an electric tandem, having cycled themselves down from Alicante. Well if e-bikes are your thing, this was a stretch limo version.  Talking of e-bikes, ie those with a small electric motor to power you up hills and gradients, almost every local bike shop rents and sells them, so really there is no barrier to cycling if you need a little extra help.  More power to you !

Having left a suitable time for cake digestion and the last drop of the obligatory Cortado to be consumed, we headed back to the villa, making a good pace, and arriving with sufficient time for a quick dip in the pool, cleansing shower and stroll into Dolores for lunch.


Tapas and cerveza anyone ?