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Lifetime Fitness and Well-being for 2018

Clinics, Accompanied Rides and Science-Based Plans. The personal touch to health and wellbeing through road cycling.

Cycle for Fitness is dedicated to helping people who wish to begin their journey to lifetime fitness and well-being by taking advantage of the many health benefits that regular cycling has been proven to offer.    We offer realistic plans with full support by British Cycling certified coaches, based on our practical experiences and backed up using PhD research into Physiology and Sports Nutrition.   Our services are packaged to be ‘pay as you go’, with no sign up fees or ongoing commitment, enabling rides to be done at your own pace and work around family, work or other commitments.

You don’t have to join a club or a gym, buy expensive heart or power monitors, you don’t need to wear lycra, you don’t need to buy thousands of pounds worth of kit.   We apply realism based on experience.   By building up distance slowly, ticking off miles and milestones, with advice and guidance on how to get started, how to keep motivated and avoid common pitfalls, from a team that have been there, done that, and will give you the support needed for you to succeed.   

You do not need to start with”FTP” tests or using a heart monitor, or other technology.  The plans are designed with you at the centre – you decide how far, how fast, how intense.   We look after both the body and mind, it’s about you.

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