Never Say Never

Following up on the recent research cited by the BBC, Time Magazine and other press articles that confirm that cyclists over 55 can have immune systems of 20 year olds.  So if you’ve never thought of cycling as a means to keep fit, or stay young, we need to consider is it ever too late or are you ever too unfit to take up cycling ?
A quick reality check using Google will show you many pictures of spritely 70 years, or even 90 year olds still cycling their bikes as a means of keeping fit and for general well-being and recreation.  But what about us 40-somethings and 50-somethings, heck even 60-somethings who’ve spent a considerable portion of their lives less active than they would have preferred.  Maybe the dreaded middle age paunch or other areas of spread may have crept up on you, and hence you believe your days of having an active life are over. Maybe you are like I was, 48 at the time, drifting into sedentary life, high blood pressure and the spectre of type 2 diabetes knocking on the door.  
Questions and doubts are aplenty, dragging you back, such as  “isn’t it too late in my life?”, “do I have the energy to make a change?”, “can I afford the time?” And “won’t I make a fool of myself?”.   It’s all too easy to let these nagging doubts stop you.
At Cycle For Fitness we understand, because we have stood in your shoes.  We have looked out of the window, knowing we need to do something to change our situation, but will-power is a fickle friend, motivation is easily lost, and fear keeps us putting it off.  We make excuses, just another month and I’ll do something about it… maybe you are like one of our friends who waited for that heart attack to happen as their kick up the backside.
The truth is you are never too old, never too unfit. The secret is to understand where you are on your journey and plan accordingly.  If you haven’t ridden for a while, then 20 minutes  is all you need as a starting point, then with a series of short but well planned workouts you can begin to build up strength and stamina, increasing your distance, gaining more confidence in your ability to ride a bike and perhaps pushing your heart rate a little more to improve your fitness and begin to lose a little of those extra pounds you’ve been carrying. 
If this sounds like you, then please do get in touch, we have plans to suit all abilities, with advice and guidance on tap from a British Cycling certified coach who has been there, worn the tee-shirt and wishes more than anything else to pass along his experience.   
Remember, you are never too old or too unfit.  It just takes one small step to start your journey.
Cautionary note :  Before you go jumping on any bike thinking you are Froome or Lizzie, contact me and I will be delighted to send you the standard Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire that will tell you if you should check with your doctor before you start any exercise.