Palace to Palace 2016

Disclaimer :  this is added as personal content; any reference to corporations , either inferred or implied is unintentional.

A brief video of the 2016 Palace to Palace ride in support of the Prince’s Trust.





A short ride around the coast of west Cornwall

The purpose of this video is to offer a flavour of cycling in wild west Cornwall.  This was a training ride for “Ride Across Britain”;   It gets very fast after 2 minutes of a steep climb, if you have a nervous disposition, don’t watch; no video enhancements or speeding up the video have been made, it’s all powered by my legs.  Turn up the volume and enjoy….. 🙂




16 Sundays in France (2012)

This is the story of two old fools, les ‘deux fous’ (and one fous’ long suffering wife) on bikes who followed in the pedal steps of Rob and Jon, pioneers of ‘Wine-ding down through France’ from Calais to Montpelier. Fous número un is Grant; more than ably assisted by his wife Kirsten, and fous número deux is Ben, Grant’s brother. Neither have a great deal of experience in long distance cycling but the gap in experience is made up for in bulldog spirit. Both are closer to 50 years of age than would ideally be the case for this sort of endeavour. It would also be fair to say that Bradley Wiggins would not have to fear losing his place on team Sky to either of these ‘athletes’.

Each Day plus a few musings on health, preparation and the Epilogue can be found on the site.