The Chase

Heart beating, breath short, we begin the day’s final descent

Click down gears, adjust position, it’s time to accelerate

The effort we made to get this far our lungs feel close to burst

Check lines, check hands, check those around us as we enter our brief universe

This moment in time, our senses ablaze, breathe deep, feel the road’s harsh but delicate touch

A shudder, a jolt, brave souls my dear friends, keep faith we love this so much

Faster, come on, get lower, get lower, neck straining, now we feel so alive

Sweeping bends, first left, then right, keep it tight, we arrive

Hands loose on the bars, pedal up, knee out, find the apex, it’s essential to keep to the form

Finally we slow, we grin, it’s over for now, sit up, catch you breath, pedal, it’s time to go back to the norm.